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916 Springdale Road #107
Austin, TX 78702


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Things I get asked sometimes:

Do you list your prices online?

I do for available works! Pricing can be found in the captions of images on my available works page. (If you are curious about past pieces in my portfolio section, please reach out, as I'll have to dig for some of those!)

Do you do commissions?

Absolutely! I get inquiries about sold works often, which is a wonderful compliment. Though I cannot replicate pieces, I can recreate similar feelings, compositions, colors and styles into a personalized and unique artwork to fit your space. Pricing for commissions is typically 25% more than off-the-wall pieces of a comparable style & size (unless the piece is more than 2 years old). Shoot me an email for more information or to get started!

Do you ship?

Yes! I have mastered the art of safe transport of my work. (Unfortunately, not internationally or to Hawaii & Alaska...yet) The cost varies quite a bit depending on the size and where it's headed. Range so far has been $25 for a small piece up to $250 for a big ol' baby, and I tack that on at the end once all the details are worked out. Unfortunately, the largest stretched canvas I can ship is 40x60. Of course, if you're local or visiting Austin, you can purchase and pick up work at my showroom at Canopy. (by appointment--I'm flexible!)

I've never bought art before....How do I start the process?

If you see something you like, simply send me an email or give me a call. We can set up a meeting for you to see the piece in person, or I can send more photos. If you want to see it in your space before committing, we could arrange that, too. (Locals only) No matter the size, purchasing art is kind of a big deal--take your time deciding, and buy art you love!

How do we pay you?

I love checks (no processing fees!) but I also love the convenience of finally having a Square Reader to accept cards! PayPal and Venmo are quick and easy too. So there are options!

Do you sell prints?

*NEW* Limited edition prints of two of my large pieces are exclusively available at TWYLA! One size only (same as original!), superb quality, framing available.

Check it out!

Also: Each year in November I do a run of archival open-edition reproductions of various images as a low-cost art-collecting option for visitors to the East Austin Studio Tour. They are sized and matted for easy framing, and are typically $40 each for an 11x14. I always have some left over, but it's not something I regularly do year-round. (i.e. I do not have an online store) My focus is original art for now, but I'll try to keep my available works page updated for the ones I still have!

Who frames your work?

Currently: myself, and Jody at Fine Art Services in Austin. I am versed in proper archival framing but have limited resources/options, so custom-sized and large pieces go to Jody. He's awesome.

What are your favorite colors?

All the fiery pinks of the most intense sunsets and the full spectrum of sparkly blues in deep, pure waters.