Kiah Denson was born and raised in Austin, TX. She graduated from Colorado College in 2005, earning a BA in Studio Art with a Distinction in Art. Upon graduation, Kiah started her own decorative painting business. After a few years, she began shifting back into fine art. She continues to paint murals and collaborate with clients, in addition to her thriving studio practice. Kiah is currently represented by Art House Charlotte in North Carolina, Alexander & Victor Fine Art in Greenwood, MS, and Segreto in Houston, TX. Since 2009, close to 100 works and commissions have been sold to galleries and private collectors.

 Kiah lives in the outskirts of Austin, TX with her dog and two cats. She works primarily in her sunny home studio, and also maintains a shared gallery space at Canopy where she displays her work.  (viewings available by appointment) Please feel free to contact her with questions about available pieces or commissions.

Artist Statement

My artmaking process is a transfer and release of invisible, internal energy onto a visible, external surface. As a result, painting and drawing become meditative and therapeutic. By creating movement on the canvas, I cultivate stillness within. I am inspired by elements of nature, travel, and vintage and couture photography. I enjoy utilizing the fluidity of my materials – acrylic and ink on both paper and canvas – as I explore various processes, aesthetics and techniques. Each new work takes me on another adventure.