Kiah Denson was born and raised in Austin, TX. She graduated from Colorado College in 2005, earning a BA in Studio Art with a Distinction in Art.

After starting her own decorative painting business in 2005, Kiah inevitably found her way back to creating fine art, as well. She is represented by Segreto in Houston, through which she has sold over 50 works to private collectors and received multiple commissions. 

Kiah lives in the outskirts of Austin, TX with her dog, two cats and four chickens. You might find her dancing with colors and dreaming about beaches in her new East Austin studio at CANOPY

Artist Statement

Aspects of vintage and couture photography - dramatic use of line, texture and lighting, as well as a sense of something timeless and unattainable - inspire my figurative work. Organic, undulating and energetic elements of nature influence color and composition in my non-representational pieces. I am interested in utilizing the fluidity of my materials as I explore various processes, aesthetics and techniques. I work with ink and acrylic on both paper and canvas.